New Castle County Hoop Group Visits OSU
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The New Castle County Delaware CVSG Hoop Group recently spent 4 days
in Columbus Ohio participating in a very structured basketball camp.  Ten
youth, ranging in age from Freshmen in High School to College
Sophomores made the 8 hour drive to Ohio State University where they
joined local Ohio CVSG groups of various ages and skill levels for
scrimmages and drills at a nearby facility.  Part of the trip also consisted of a
tour of Ohio State University - a once in a lifetime chance for some of these
young people.

To get to Ohio, the Delaware group had to raise the funds to cover travel,
food and lodging - approximately $2500 in all.  They worked hard and
achieved their goal, proving the philosophy of CVSG that through hard work
and determination, all goals are possible.  

The New Castle County hoop group meets throughout the basketball off
season as a means to stay focused both on life skills such as team work
and perseverance and fine tuning their basketball skills for the upcoming

For more information about getting involved with
contact Tommy Vaughn at 302-530-3440.