Programs Overview
Basketball Camp Overview

What makes our Basketball Camps unique and successful is the low coach to
camper ratio allowing us to give focus to small groups and individuals to
achieve like goals.  We offer several different age groups, each with its own
set of coaches and assistants to help everyone from beginner to experienced
high school player to be the best that they can be.  Dribbling, shooting and
team work are just some of the skills that our camps cover.

Hoop Group - Overview

CVSG holds a spring/summer hoop group that is open to all ages - boys and
girls to join.  The
Hoop Group is designed and dedicated to preparing
basketball players during the off season for the upcoming season and
beyond.  The Hoop Group's focus is improving a player's fundamental skills
and personal development in areas where they need improvement the most.  
CVSG will include strength and conditioning, plyometrics, passing, dribbling,
shooting, proper defensive fundamentals and extreme focus.  A CVSG t-shirt
and wristband is awarded after five (5) completed sessions.



To improve the academic achievement, self-esteem, social competence and
avoidance of problem/high-risk behavior by providing a relationship with a
caring adult friend who works to help youth achieve their potential. The focus of
outcomes for this program is targeted toward youth as the primary recipients
of services, not mentors.

CVSG QUOTE  "Every kid has great potential and hidden talents that can
be brought forth with the help of parents or caring mentors.  Our youth will
shine once they understand their true value."

Artistic Development - Overview  

The overview of the CVSG teen summit is to instill the same motivations,  
disciplines,  and work ethics that our sports camps subscribe.  Along with
classes,  lectures,  and exercises,  students will be given the tools to improve
their dedication and path to the arts.  The CVSG Teen Summit will also give
students a chance to experience an important part of growing up,  a positive
interaction with each other in an environment the is conducive with the
curriculum they are being exposed.  They will learn the basics of the art of
improv.  This art of improv not only instills confidence,  it teaches trust and an
ability to communicate with others.
The use of the techniques they will be taught,  and the exercises they will
perform daily give them an advantage to achieve.  Once the basics are taught
they can expand on the other interests they have in life,  and in the other arts.  
Although improv itself is an unstructured, unscripted art,  there are warm-ups
and exercises that will be performed everyday to get the blood,  and the mind
flowing.  Lets call them mental calisthenics.

Football Camp - Overview (Coming soon)
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