Tommy Vaughn, Sr.
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In his lifetime, Cleo "Chico" endured, experienced and
accomplished so much.  Shown above and at left with his
"Wall of Fame".  He was an inspiration to youth and an
example that with perserverance and determination, you
can achieve your dreams.  
I started the Cleo Vaughn Sports Group to serve, educate and motivate our youth to be the best that
they can be. The organization was inspired by the work of my father,
Cleo "Chico" Vaughn, who was
the first African American basketball varsity player and letter winner at Ohio State University. My father,
who we all affectionately called "Chico," always took a special interest in every kid that crossed his
path, which was well over 22,000 youth. For over 25 years, he devoted most of his time serving youth
who have gone on to be doctors, educators, and other positive role models in communities around
the world.  The Cleo Vaughn Sports Group is focused on building on my father's efforts to make a
difference in the lives of youth while honoring him for what he accomplished throughout his life. My
goal is to make The Cleo Vaughn Sports Group a major success in developing the youth for the real
game , which is life. We will be diligent and devoted to educating and preparing our youth the way
Cleo "Chico" Vaughn spent most of his life doing.

Cleo experienced so much in his life time because of his color, from people throwing things at him
and booing him everywhere he played, to not being allowed to stay in hotels or eat with the rest of his
teammates. His experiences chronicle a disturbing period of our history as Americans that no human
being should have to endure. However, through it all, Cleo never held a grudge and accomplished so
much. Until the day he passed, my father honored and loved Ohio State University. And as a former
college athlete, I am so proud for what he did as a pioneer for the African American athletes in the Big
Ten, basketball and so many other athletes like myself who had an opportunity to play collegiate
sports. Still, what I appreciate most about my father, Cleo, is how he used his experiences to help
improve the lives of youth. If my father can endure what he did and use those experiences to help
better our youth, then surely we all can find a way to give back. And it's my dream that the Cleo Vaughn
Sports Group will be a major catalyst in those efforts.

Tommy Vaughn
The Cleo Vaughn Sports Group

I would like to give a very special thanks to Lee Caryer for all of his precise research and story he has
written. The time he spent with my father in the summer of 2010 was truly uplifting and a joy for him to
share. My brother's and I thank you.
Letter from the President