Artistic Development
OVERVIEW:  The overview of the CVSG teen summit is to instill the same motivations,  
disciplines and work ethics that our sports camps subscribe.  Along with classes,  
lectures and exercises, students will be given the tools to improve their dedication and
path to the arts.  The CVSG Teen Summit will also give students a chance to experience
an important part of growing up, a positive interaction with each other in an environment
that is conducive with the curriculum they are being exposed.  They will learn the basics
of the art of
improv.  This art of improv not only instills confidence, it teaches trust and
an ability to communicate with others.

The use of the techniques they will be taught and the exercises they will perform daily
give them an advantage to achieve.  Once the basics are taught, they can expand on the
other interests they have in life,  and in the other arts.  Although
improv itself is an
unstructured, unscripted art, there are warm-ups and exercises that will be performed
everyday to get the blood and the mind flowing.  Lets call them mental calisthenics.

CVSG Teen Summit wants to introduce children to a world that exists around them.
Give them a jump on the arts to let them decide if it is something they are interested in.  
The ideas and experiences they will have will have an impact either way.  Everyone who
participates will take away a valuable and unique experience that they can use in
everyday life.  It helps introverted become extroverted,  and through the process helps
build communication skills such as listening, respect and the ability to respond in a
conversation.  The ability to listen and react is a great tool in communication.  The
children will learn that and have fun at the same time.  They will grow while they learn
the basics of "short form" improv.

To close the
CVSG Teen Summit we would like them to put on a performance to
showcase what they have learned through the week,  and also to reap the satisfaction
of their hard work throughout the week
The Cleo Vaughn Sports Group
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