In 1979 Cleo "Chico" Vaughn organized and ran the first of what would become
yearly basketball camps.  It was held at Woodward High School in Toledo, Ohio
and it was free. Word of the camp got out and since that time, over 22,000 youth
from all ethnicities have passed through our doors.  
When Chico passed away in 2010,
The Cleo Vaughn Sports Group was born as
a way to both acknowledge and continue the achievements of his life.  We
currently host basketball camps during the summer in Ohio and Delaware as well
as other events throughout the year,

  Our staff consists of a variety of professionals who donate and dedicate their
time to
preparing youth today for success tomorrow.

In addition to sports programs, the Cleo Vaughn Sports Group also offers
and artistic development.  We realize that sports is only one tool to
keep our youth on the right path to becoming successful adults.  To completely
reach and balance an individual, we must approach the athlete, the scholar and
the creator, which is why we have incorporated these two important services to our

Mentorship Program provides a relationship with a caring adult friend who
works to help youth achieve their potential.  Whether it be assistance with
schoolwork or just someone to talk to, the focus remains to prepare our youth for a
successful adult life.

Artistic Development Division was created to teach children the
fundamentals of life through the arts.  Goal setting,  application, preparation,
accountability and determination are among the curriculum within the A.D.D.  
Through programs designed to spark children's artistic qualities, they will acquire
abilities within themselves to grow, and confront issues from a different perspective.

We have come a long way since 1979 and look forward to continuing to better
prepare our youth for the future - because they are our future.
The Cleo Vaughn Sports Group
Preparing Youth Today for Success Tomorrow
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